Call for Speakers

02/20/13 08:51 PM by Brock Wilcox (‎awwaiid‎)

Attention Speakers! We still have several slots to fill for the 2013 DC-Baltimore Perl Workshop, which will be held on Saturday April 20 in Baltimore.

We're running two tracks. The first is a general anything-goes-awesomeness track. This track is set to be 20 minute blocks, so that we can get some good variety. Enough to get people a dose of newness, not overwhelm them, and plenty of variety.

The second track is a tutorial track. While we love people who want to give a tutorial they composed themselves, we actually have an archive of very good tutorials that you could use as a foundation. If you want to get some experience doing teaching this is a great way to start. These talks can be a bit longer do to their nature, especially if they are hands-on.

This is also a great regional meetup if you want to polish a talk that you'll be presenting at a larger conference, such as YAPC::NA 2013 in Austin!

If you have any questions, email us!