Sunday Training Sessions

03/01/13 01:00 PM by Brock Wilcox (‎awwaiid‎)

Infinity Interactive is proud to offer two half day training sessions in conjuntion with the DC/Baltimore Perl Workshop.

This will be held at the same location on the day after the main conference, on Sunday, April 21, 2013. It is $25 for each half-day -- so you can do both training sessions for $50. Once you've signed up for the conference, you can purchase your ticket and select the training sessions (also follow this link if you've already purchased your conference ticket). You do not have to come to the main conference to attend the training sessions! But we'd miss you :)

We'll have on-site payment options if you don't want to decide until the last minute.

Morning - Introduction to Moose

Learn about Moose, the postmodern approach to Object Oriented Programming in Perl, from Stevan Little (project founder), Jesse Luehrs (current lead maintainer of Moose), and Shawn Moore (prolific contributor to Moose).

Moose extends Perl’s “There’s more than one way to do it” philosophy with an important addition: “But sometimes consistency is not a bad thing either.” By establishing a common system for building and extending classes and other components, Moose empowers developers to reuse code like never before. Moose’s built-in features in combination with the extensive ecosystem of plugins and accessory libraries available on the CPAN allow you to improve your code with features that would otherwise be too complex or expensive to implement and maintain on your own.

Although its compact, declarative look can seem perplexing at first glance, Moose is just Perl, and can be easily explained, learned, understood, and put to use. This tutorial will cover all of Moose’s basic features, including attributes, delegation, method modifiers, roles, and types, as well as best practices for writing Moose code that plays well with others.

Afternoon - Web Development 101

Enjoy a comprehensive survey of current web development technologies and techniques, from the basics of HTTP (the protocol that runs the World Wide Web), through browser-based tools that make web development easier than ever, to a review of server-side development and deployment techniques and best practices. This dynamic course is led by Stevan Little, Jesse Luehrs, and Shawn Moore, a group of veteran developers with decades of experience building software on and off the web.

Stevan, Jesse, and Shawn will share their opinionated views of past mistakes, current best practices, and future possibilities in the realm of web development. Expect an exciting and informative afternoon of technology instruction that will give experienced web developers a fresh, vibrant perspective and programmers new to the web a practical introduction to modern tools and techniques.