Introducing git flux

Introducing git flux

By Shawn Moore (‎sartak‎) from
Date: Saturday, April 20, 2013 11:00 AM
Duration: 25 minutes
Target audience: 1
Language: English
Tags: git workflow

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There are a bazillion different ways to use git, which is of course a blessing and a curse. You can use it any way you like, but that puts the burden on you to figure out what's best.

Well we've already done the hard work of figuring out what's best. I'm here to explain how we use git at Infinity Interactive to ship great software to our clients.

Attended by: James E Keenan (‎kid51‎), Brock Wilcox (‎awwaiid‎), Robert Blackwell (‎rblackwe‎), Stevan Little (‎stevan‎), Jay Hannah (‎jhannah‎), Nova Patch (‎patch‎), bill pemberton (‎akadl‎), Kennedy Clark, Sean O'Leary, Harika Tandra,