Photo Mark Jensen - 55 minutes - 11/04/15 14:00

REST::Neo4p is a module system that lets Perl interface transparently with the popular graph database engine Neo4j, via the Neo4j server's native RESTful HTTP interface. Nodes and relationships (edges) in the graph are represented as Perl objects, and graph operations and queries can be executed in a familiar, DBI-esque way. [...]

By day, I design and manage genomic cancer data repositories on behalf of the National Cancer Institute. By night (some nights anyway), I am a BioPerl core developer, and work on the Perl interface to the Neo4j graph database, REST::Neo4p.



‎Acme-Win32-PEPM a unique Perl+XS packager‎

Photo bulk 88 - 55 minutes - 11/04/15 11:00

A dive into mixing perl code with binary code, and ensuring both are parsable as each other. In this talk you will discover how to melt Perl code and Windows's DLL (shared library) formats together into 1 file, and the many challenges I faced in designing the most unique Perl+machine code packager on CPAN. [...]




Photo John Karr - lightning

Form::Diva is an html5 form component generator. Form::Diva makes describing your form as simple as possible and generates elements for assembly by your templating engine, providing a simple and flexible means to create forms



‎I hate cron jobs‎

Photo Joe Hourcle - 25 minutes - 11/04/15 11:30

Cron is a really useful tool, but if you're not careful, you end up with e-mail few minutes reporting that something was run. If you don't go through every last report examining it line by line, you might miss when something actually breaks.

Programmer/Sysadmin for the Virtual Solar Observatory project.



‎Intro To Testing‎

Photo Mike Burns (‎lungching‎) - 55 minutes - 11/04/15 15:30

Introduction explaination of automated testing, how start, what test, etc



‎Lightning Talks‎

Photo R Geoffrey Avery (‎rGeoffrey‎) - 30 minutes - 11/04/15 16:30

Schedule (not yet in order)

For many years a Perl Bioinformatics programmer in Philadelphia for a major pharma company helping scientists load, process, analyze and view their data. Now making sure a credit card swipe causes the money to get to the right place.

Keeper of the lighting talks gong.

Geoff really should get a life and go to fewer conferences:
OSCON 1999,2001,2004,2007-11,2013-14
PerlWhirl 1-2
YAPC::NA 1999-2015
YAPC::EU 2002-11,2013-15
PittsburghPW 2006-08, 2010-11, 2013-14 (15)
FrozenPerl 2010
DC-BaltimorePW 2012-15
= 170 days (+ 2 this season)



‎Net::AMQP::RabbitMQ - White Fluffy Tales of RabbitMQ in Production‎

Photo Michael Stemle (‎manchicken‎) - 25 minutes - 11/04/15 14:30

Being a Perl Shop is hard sometimes, and as a result you sometimes miss out on some of the super-awesome third party support that other - some would say, weaker (but of course we wouldn’t say that, we’re classy) - languages enjoy. So I had to get my hands dirty. [...]

Mike Stemle, Jr. is a Sr. Software Engineer with more than 16 years of professional software experience. He's worked in early social media, telecom, advertising, e-commerce, and billing. He's written things as small as the first ever web message board for `farmer.com` and other things as big as billing systems processing more than 100K transactions per hour.

Hailing from Fairfax, VA he fights the good fight along side his good pal, Timmy, and all of the amazing folks at ThinkGeek, Inc. Mike is naturally low in cholesterol, and only to be used as directed.

_These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease._

You can find out more about Mike Stemle, Jr. here:

- [Github Resume](http://resume.github.io/?manchicken)
- [Twitter](https://twitter.com/manchicken)
- [Blog](http://www.manchicken.com)



‎Old Code, New Tricks‎

Photo Scott Ford - 25 minutes - 11/04/15 10:30

Negativity surrounds the concept of existing code. This negativity is baked into the language we use. We work on 'legacy projects', 'dirt field projects', 'rescue projects', 'antiquated projects', 'ancient projects'. I'd like to use the construction metaphor to look at these projects in a different light. I've been inspired by the TV program, 'This Old House'. [...]

Scott Ford is the Founder and Chief Code Whisperer at Corgibytes, a software consultancy whose mission is to maintain and improve the world's existing codebases. Scott specializes and thrives on breathing new life into existing projects. Scott is a polyglot developer who, at last count, is fluent in over twenty programming languages. Scott's love of software restoration and remodeling began in college where he and his team were responsible for retrofiting the testing tools for the X-31 jet fighter. Since then, Scott has maintained a test-focused approach to his work and found the most joy in projects where an existing code base needed to be improved.



‎Perl & Vim‎

Photo Stephen Belcher - 25 minutes - 11/04/15 10:00

Vim, a fully-featured terminal-based text editor, is highly configurable. In this talk I'll provide a basic intro to Vim, and a few plugins that I've found that can make editing Perl even easier



‎Practical FFI With Platypus‎

Photo Graham Ollis (‎plicease‎) - 25 minutes - 11/04/15 13:30

Foreign Function Interface (FFI) is a great alternative to XS for writing extensions for Perl that rely on machine code (C/C++ Rust, Fortran and the like). With the release of FFI::Platypus this year, performance and ease of development has improved significantly for those extending Perl using FFI. [...]

I am a full time Perl developer. I am active on CPAN in the area of FFI and Alien, and interested in infrastructure in general. I am currently the release manager for Alien::Base. I am made in Australia and from New Mexico. My favorite animal is the Platypus. My favorite food is green chili.

Contact on twitter @plicease.




Photo Brock Wilcox (‎awwaiid‎) - 55 minutes - 11/04/15 10:00

Winter is here! I'll show some basic Perl6, with an emphasis on what useful things you can use *right now*. I'll probably give a brief update on the world of Perl6 as I know it, but mostly it will be exploring the language in it's day-to-day form

Brock (awwaiid) is a lover of programming, harmonicas, kitties, and his wife (not necessarily in that order). And other things too. He has a degree in Philosophy, so beware of his code being on the slightly philosophical side. He invites conversation and community involvement on any of his projects!



‎use Civic::Engagement;‎

Photo Joshua Turcotte - 25 minutes - 11/04/15 14:00

So, in lieu of better talks, it might be worth having a discussion about something a little meta to Perl, and that would be community. As a member of the Code-for-NoVA 'brigade,' I have interfaced quite extensively with a slew of folks of varying skill levels, almost none of whom have interacted with Perl either lately or ever. [...]

A modest perl developer having spent a little over a decade (from perl infancy) in a sheltered bay that never contributed to CPAN and never went open source... so, I have to socialize myself among other perl mongers if I'm going to grow into this talent.



‎Using Perl to Improve Organizational Information Security‎

Photo Christopher Frenz - 25 minutes - 11/04/15 11:00

Scripting is commonly used by information security professionals as a means of evaluating the security of systems as well as a means of analyzing the data gathered from various information systems. In recent years Python has gathered much of the attention of the InfoSec community due to the development of projects like Scapy and the release of resources like “Violent Python”. [...]



‎Using tags with Perl code‎

Photo Dmitri Tikhonov (‎dmitri‎) - 25 minutes - 11/04/15 15:30

A tags file is an index of Perl code: function definitions, packages, constants, and so on. Most popular text editors support tags and make Perl code easy to browse. We will cover how to create tags files for Perl code: tools, editors, patterns.



‎Using tmux for Shared Debugging‎

Photo Dawn Wallis (‎wallisds‎) - 25 minutes - 11/04/15 16:00

Shared debugging and tmu