The DC and Baltimore Perlmongers invite you to join us for a workshop at the University of Baltimore in Baltimore, MD, on Saturday, April 16, 2016, followed by a hackathon on Sunday, April 17, 2016! The workshop will have two tracks of speakers, discussing innovative, exciting, and fun real-world usage of Perl. The hackathon will be more free-form project time, though we may have some organized hands-on activities for those interested.

Questions? Comments? Email us!


Register to Attend


Register via Eventbrite. Registration is $50, which goes 100% into the conference expenses (mainly the venue). Free admission is available for speakers, students, and the currently unemployed. We REALLY WANT you to come to this workshop, so just let us know if you need any special accommodations -- registration fee or otherwise!



This year we are hosting at the Thumel Business Center of the University of Baltimore, which is very close to Penn Station, easily walkable. It is located near food and other attractions in the heart of Baltimore, MD.

11 W Mount Royal Ave Baltimore, MD, 21201 (Google Maps, Apple Maps)

For more information and options on how to get there, check out our Venue page.


Where to Stay

Looking for a place to stay? There are many hotels in the area. These two are pretty good options for out-of-towners:

Home2Suites by Hilton, Baltimore Downtown

This is our recommended hotel, located in downtown Baltimore, MD. You can pick up the Charm City Circulator which runs close to the venue. It has wifi and breakfast options.
8 East Pleasant Street
Baltimore, MD 21202

Hotel Brexton

Hotel Brexton is a 26 room boutique near the venue. It's not a very far walk from the venue. It has wifi and breakfast options.
868 Park Avenue
Baltimore, MD


Submit A Talk Proposal (Google Form)

Schedule & Talks - DRAFT!


On Saturday, April 16, we will have a set of scheduled talks, along with breakfast, coffee, a snack, and dinner (you're on your own for lunch, but we'll have some local guides). Below is the schedule.

Sunday, April 17, is a free-form hackathon day. Doors open at 9:00am and close at 5:00pm. We provide space and internet, you provide the creativity! We'll periodically pause to introduce everyone and what you're working on, hoping to foster some collaboration. There may be some self-organized structured activites :)

Saturday Room 1 Room 2
9:00 am
Registration & Food
Sign in and have some food and coffee!
9:45 am
Brock Wilcox
We'll describe the plan for the workshop, give any logistical updates, and get psyched!
10:00 am
John SJ Anderson
Modern Perl for the Unfrozen Paleolithic Perl Programmer
If you last used Perl in the last century, you're probably frightened and confused about all the innovation that's happened in the Perl community when you weren't paying attention. If you come to this talk, you'll learn the best practices around issues such as which version of Perl5 to use, Perl5 installation management, language features/libraries to use and avoid, modern tooling, and more!
10:30 am
James E Keenan
A Taste of Taxonomies
Can you represent hierarchical data in row-column format? Yes, and here's how you can manipulate them in Perl.
Brock Wilcox & Volunteers
Perl 5 and Perl 6 Install-Fest!
Bring your laptop! We will spend some time getting you set up with the latest and greatest Perl 5 and Perl 6, along with the tools to download libraries (cpanm, panda). Once you're set up you can help others get set up too :)
11:00 am
Doug Bell
Introduction to Server Automation with Rex
Rex combines the power of Perl and SSH to manage remote machines. Get started automating deployment and maintenance tasks in just 25 minutes!
Brock Wilcox
Perl 6 Hands-On Tutorial
Bring your laptop! In this tutorial we'll get up and running with Perl 6, a brand new programming language in the Perl Family! After a brief introduction, we'll spend the rest of our time writing some small programs for a few different use cases. No previous Perl 5 or Perl 6 specific knowledge is expected.
11:30 am
David Golden
Practical Consistency
Practical Consistency Distributed database consistency is a jargon-filled tarpit - of great interest to theorists but misunderstood or ignored by developers. But it doesn't have to be. What if you had a simple mental model for reasoning about consistency? What if you had simple rules of thumb for making the right tradeoffs in your applications? MongoDB staff engineer David Golden will share patterns for practical consistency and show how to achieve them with the MongoDB Perl driver.
12:00 pm
We will lead groups to local (walking distance) restaraunts for you to buy yourself some lunch. You may of course also explore on your own or hang around and write some programs or talk to people :)
1:30 pm
Leon Fayer
Performance 101: So you want to use a database
Most common database-related performance bottlenecks in code and how to deal with them.
Will "Coke" Coleda
Perl 6 Tutorial - Nativecall & Asynchrony
Show off two of Perl 6's great features; the ability to invoke C libraries directly, and the language's support for asynchronous programming. We'll cover all the Perl 6 you need to take advantage of these features and get started on your own!
2:00 pm
David M Bradford
Debugging, and How to Do Less of It
We will discuss tools and techniques of debugging, but spend more time discussing strategies to spend less time debugging.
2:30 pm
XSConfig - maintaining a landmine on CPAN
XSConfig is CPAN module that is an alternate implementation of well know Config module. Come and find out how I replaced a part of Perl, that was never ever intended to be replaceable or upgradeable, and the hurdles and challenges that were overcome on the way.
Brian Duggan
Writing a Web Application in Perl 6
We use Perl 6 to build a simple web application. We take a look at the state of the Perl 6 module ecosystem and what pieces are there for building and deploying a web stack with modern components.
3:00 pm
Take a break, have a snack, top off your caffination levels.
3:30 pm
Dylan Hardison
Bugzilla - What's new in 2016?
Bugzilla powers bug tracking for the likes of Mozilla, RedHat, FreeBSD, Eclipse, GNOME, Libre Office, and Can a web app old enough to vote learn new tricks? You bet it can! Today Bugzilla provides a maturing REST API, API-keys with an oauth-like delegation system, several modern UIs, performance improvements and a bright PSGI/Plack future.
Intro to Git
Git is probably the most popular version control system in the world, but how would you use it? This talk will teach you how to use git from the ground up, going from basic tasks like working with commits locally, to branching, merging, and even sharing you work through GitHub. Some basic familiarity with a *nix-style command-line is assumed.
4:00 pm
Graham Ollis
Improving CPAN reliability with Alien and Test::Alien
The idea of Alien is to provide non-Perl dependencies in CPAN. The intent is to make CPAN more reliable without requiring the intervention of the installation user. This has a number of tradeoffs, but I will argue with specific case examples that on balance they favor the use of Alien techniques. I will briefly touch on some technical decisions that the Alien::Base team has made since I took over as the primary maintainer, and the next big steps that Alien needs to make to further capitalize on the progress that we’ve made.
R Geoffrey Avery
Lightning Talks!
5 minute talks! Sign up by submitting a talk to the google form!
5:00 pm
Wrap-up, Clean-up
Closing remarks
6:00 pm
Please RSVP and get details here for sponsored dinner at City Cafe! All who are interested are welcome, but do RSVP so we have an accurate headcount for the reservation.


Sunday Room 2 (There Is No Room 1)
9:00 am
ends at 5:00 pm
Free-Form Hackathon!
We provide the space, electricity, and internet. You bring the creativity! Work on any project you like, solo or in a group. We'll pause periodically to check-in. Self-organized group sessions are welcome!

Usually there are some snacks left over from the day before, or we'll pick some stuff up. Lunch is also self-organized.



2016-03-03 OmniTI Donation! Stephen Belcher (sycobuny)

Thanks to OmniTI for their generous donation to help fund the 2016 DCPBW! What's that, you'd like to know more about our latest sponsor? Check it out:

At OmniTI we design and build systems that run some of the most visited websites in the world. If you're looking to scale out your architecture, improve the performance of your application; or if you're interested in working on code that supports 100,000 requests/second - visit us at
Find out more information by visiting their site!


2016-02-26 Infinity Interactive Donation! Stephen Belcher (sycobuny)

Thanks very much to Infinity Interactive for their 2016 donation to help fund the DCBPW. Here's the skinny on our latest sponsor:

Need Perl developers? We can help. Infinity's expertise spans the entire gamut of Perl-related services, including systems architecture, systems administration, DevOps, release engineering, beginning and advanced training, code review, programming (green field and maintenance), and consulting around modernizing your Perl code or migrating to other platforms/technologies.
Find out more about Infinity Interactive on their website


2016-02-02 SmartLogic Donation! Dawn Wallis (‎wallisds‎)

Thanks very much to SmartLogic for their 2016 donation to help fund the DCBPW. SmartLogic is a local Baltimore company that builds, tests, deploys, and maintains custom software applications. Find out more about SmartLogic on their website


2015-11-09 Call for Speakers Brock Wilcox (‎awwaiid‎)

You are cordially invited to submit talks for the 2016 DC-Baltimore Perl Workshop, which will be held on Saturday, April 16, 2016, in Baltimore, MD!

Submit via the Google Form (a new experiment this year).

As in previous years, by default talks are 25 minutes, which we've found is a sweet spot for most topics. We get a great variety -- enough to get a dose of newness and not overwhelm. We also welcome proposals for more tutorial-style talks of around 50 minutes. We'll take the talks and build out a two-track schedule.

Speakers of all levels are welcome! This regional meetup is great for getting your first taste of giving a community talk, sharing projects or topics that you have experience with, or even doing a first run for a talk you'll be presenting at a larger conference! All Perl-related topics are welcome -- from beginner to advanced, from technical to social.

No need to submit talks for the Sunday April 17 hackathon -- we'll have more info on that code and learning festival in future updates! And of course -- all are welcome to register for the conference -- this year you can register over at Eventbrite.

If you have any questions, email us (! We'll even be happy to help you tune your topic.


2015-10-18 Call for Sponsors Brock Wilcox (‎awwaiid‎)

Attention organizations using Perl! We would love for you to sponsor our annual workshop, where we bring together lots of awesome regional Perl Developers to share their knowledge and learn! It is a great way to give back to the community while getting your name out.

Please read our DC-Baltimore Perl Workshop 2016 - Sponsor Prospectus, and contact to get more information!